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A Big Thank You!

Posted by Aaron Fenton-Blake on

This post is a big thank you to one of our customers who recently posted an article (and unboxing video!) on her website.


I can’t emphasise how fantastic it is seeing a happy customer! So as a thank you we offered her and her subscribers 10% off their next purchase.

Now we didn’t offer Mel a discount just because she is a self-confessed stationery addict, but as our way of saying thank you for supporting us.

So if there’s anyone else that loves the pen that they got from us, feel free to send us an email via the contact form (or to with your blog/video/whatever it may be and we will give you a 10% off code for you and your customers to use.  

Don’t forget to check out Mel’s website! She's a personal trainer for both pre and post-natal women, so if you feel the need to get into shape during or after your pregnancy check her out!

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