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Posted by Aaron Fenton-Blake on

Hello pen aficionados! 

Here at the Fountain Pen Boutique we've been hard at work making your shopping experience the best that you can possibly find. This week we’ve been working at breakneck speeds to update the website and bring you new a ton of new fountain pens. In fact we’ve done so many updates that it may as well be a brand new website. So perhaps I should start by saying, welcome to the new and improved Fountain Pen Boutique!
Right then, enough of the waffle and more of what we’ve actually done for you. To start off with we've gone through and updated all of our images, because they were initially a little on the small side originally. So now you can see all the details on the pens without any extra effort on your part.

Secondly and I think more importantly, we’ve gone through and updated all of the product descriptions. I'm not going to lie, this might have been done for selfish reasons so we could spend all day reading about fountain pens. But the benefit of this is you can now learn more about each pen series and the fountain pen itself before you buy!
And lastly, we've been hard at work in the background researching and writing a fountain pen 101 series for you which will be arriving in the new year. So keep your eyes peeled for that!  
I know it's only a short update for now but stay tuned because we'll have some very exciting news for you soon. Including an entirely new range of fountain pens and maybe, just maybe some new rollerballs.
Chow for now,
Sales Manager (and part time blogger)
Fountain Pen Boutique

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