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New In - Conklin All American Pens

Posted by Aaron Fenton-Blake on

Hello pen aficionados and curious onlookers alike!

Today I'm bringing you some great news. We have finally gotten our hands on some Conklin pens, namely the Conklin All American series. 

The Conklin All American pen series is a wonderful revisioning of the original 1930's All American collection and is a great addition to Conklin's affordable pen range.

There are 5 different pen sets in total in the series and each one is available as either a ballpoint pen or a fountain pen. The fountain pens are available with a steel nib in either fine, medium or a 1.1mm stub.

First up, there's the Sunburst Orange

Conklin All American Sunburst Orange Rane. Capped, Ballpoint Pen and Fountain Pen

Next is the newest addition to the All American range, the Lapis Blue

Conklin All American Pen Range. Capped, Ballpoint and Fountain Pen

Next, the Yellowstone pens

Conklin All American Yellowstone Pen Range. Capped, Ballpoint Pen and Fountain Pen

Then, there is the Old Glory Special Edition pens

Conklin All American Old Glory Pen Range. Capped, Ballpoint Pen and Fountain Pen

And lastly the Tortoiseshell pens

Conklin All American Tortoiseshell Pen Range. Capped, Ballpoint Pen and Fountain Pen

Any idea which is my favourite of the bunch? I'll give you a hint, it's bright orange.

Until next time!


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