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Our Newest Additions - Diplomat Excellence A

Posted by Aaron Fenton-Blake on

Hello one and all!


Just a quick update for everyone today.


Over the past week we've added a few wonderful new pens for you. All of which are from the Diplomat Excellence A series and are available with either a steel or 14k gold nib in fine, medium or broad.


First up is the beautiful Diplomat Evergreen Fountain pens and Ballpoint pens which are available with either a Chrome or Gold trim. 


We have also added the fantastic Marrakesh pen series which is also available with a Chrome or Gold trim.


And lastly but certainly not least, we bring you the Diplomat Rome Black and White Fountain Pen, Ballpoint and Rollerball pens and the Mechanical Pencil.


You might have also noticed that there are several coming soon brands. Well I'm happy to announce that the Conklin and Monteverde Pens have arrived and we will be adding them onto the store over the coming week. And I have to say, there are some beauties in those collections!


Be sure to keep your eyes on the New Arrivals page so you're in the know when the new stock is on the website.


Until next time! 


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