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Diplomat Excellence A Marrakesh Gold Fountain Pen


  • £17000

Diplomat Excellence A Marrakesh Gold Fountain Pen

With its beautiful brown colour this fountain pen is reminiscent of the desert at night. The luscious lacquer is perfectly complimented by the gold trim.

Everything about this pen oozes a delightful writing experience that. From the all metal body that has a pleasant weight in your hand to the ever fantastic Diplomat nibs.

The Diplomat Marrakesh fountain pen has a classical design and wonderfully tapers towards the end. As always with Diplomat, the standout features are the excellent build quality and the fantastic nibs.

Pen Details

The Diplomat Marrakesh fountain pen takes standard international cartridges and is available with either a steel or 14k gold nib in fine, medium or broad.

The cap is snap on and features an inner to protect your pen if you like to write posted. It also helps to keep the pen wet when it's not in use.

    • Pen Material: Metal
    • Nib Material: Steel or 14k Gold
    • Filling System: Cartridge or Converter
    • Colour: Brown
    • Pen Type: Fountain Pen
    • Series: Excellence A
    • Model Number: D20000678 (M Steel Nib) or D20000681 (M 14k Gold Nib)
    • Postable: Yes

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