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Conklin Duragraph Forest Green Fountain Pen


  • £6000

Conklin Duragraph Forest Green Fountain Pen

The Conklin Duragraph pen series was originally launched in 1923 with aim of being passed down from generation to generation as family heirlooms. The name of the pen model originates from combining the words durable and graph. All Duragraph pens are crafted from hand made resins and are available in Amber, Cracked Ice, Forest Green or Ice Blue finishes.

Duragraph Pen Details

The Duragraph Forest Green fountain pen is constructed from quality handmade resins and is partially translucent which produces a startling effect. The fountain pen has a screw on, flat top cap that can be posted. It has a 2 tone nib that is available in Fine and Medium whilst the 1.1mm Stub nib has an entirely chrome finish. Conklin Duragraph fountain pens cannot be converted into eye droppers.

    • Pen Material: Resin

    • Nib Material: Steel

    • Filling System: International Cartridge or Converter

    • Colour: Green

    • Pen Type: Fountain Pen

    • Series: Duragraph

    • Model Number: CK71335

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