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Sailor ProColour 500 Blue "Uchimizu" with Silver Colour Trim Fountain Pen


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Sailor ProColour 500 Blue "Uchimizu"  with Silver Colour Trim Fountain Pen

The Sailor ProColour 500 fountain pens are a gorgeous lightweight, medium sized range of fountain pens that have been modelled around the Sailor 1911 fountain pen body. Additionally each fountain pen in this pen series has been designed to represent a Japanese season. Spring is represented by the pink Sakura fountain pen. Summer is by the blue Uchimizu. Autumn by the red Akanezora and winter by the black Hoshikuzu.
If you're looking for an introduction to Sailor's fountain pens or even for an introductory fountain pen then this is perfect place to start. But don't let that deter you as this series possesses Sailor's traditional quality and beauty.

Pen Features

This Sailor fountain pen has been designed to represent summer with it's clear blue body reflecting its translated name, sprinkling water. It features a transparent demonstrator body, a chrome plated steel nib and a screw cap.

    • Nib Material: Chrome plated Steel
    • Filling Mechanism: Converter & Cartridge
    • Pen Material: Resin
    • Colour: Blue
    • Pen Type: Fountain Pens
    • Series: Sailor ProColour 500
    • Model Number: 11-0500-242

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