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Sailor Professional Gear Imperial Matte Black with Chrome Accents Fountain Pen


  • £36000

Sailor Professional Gear Imperial Matte Black with Chrome Accents Fountain Pens

Sailor's Professional Gear fountain pens range continues the Sailor propensity for a flawlessly elegant classical design with a high quality finish. However unlike most classical shapes the ProGear series has flat topped cap as opposed to the usual conical shape. This flat capped design has allowed Sailor to emboss their logo onto the top of their pen cap. As suggested by the name the ProGear range has been designed to not draw undue attention in the professional environment.
The ProGear series comes in a variety of sizes, the King, Regular and Slim sizes. Apart from the King line of fountain pens the ProGear range tends to be viewed as slightly shorter than the typical classical fountain pens so it is often recommended that you post them. In the case of a posted ProGear it remains a lovely balanced writing experience that is only enhanced by the traditional 21k nib that Sailor are renowned for.


Pen Features

This full sized matte black ProGear fountain pen is a glory to behold and the titanium ion plated trim works beautifully the matter black body. This fountain pen features a Titanium Ion plated 21k gold nib as well as a screw cap.

    • Nib Material: 21K Gold 
    • Pen Material: Resin
    • Filling Mechanism: Converter & Cartridge
    • Colour: Black
    • Pen Type: Fountain Pens
    • Series: Sailor Professional Gear
    • Model Number: 10-9361

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