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Sailor ProGear II Matt Black with Silver Accents Fountain Pen


  • £39600

Sailor ProGear II Matt Black with Silver Accents Fountain Pens

Sailor's ProGear II fountain pens range is an update of the original Pro Gear series designed to bring it into the 21tst century. Originally entitled the Pro Gear Sigma, these pens feature a sleeker and slightly longer body than their original counterparts. They also bring to the table an updated logo on the capped ends as well as on the clip itself.

The ever brilliant Sailor nibs have even been given an update and have been given a 2 toned treatment much like the 1911 series. The ProGear II series also comes in the same sizes, the King of Pens, Regular and Slim sizes.


Pen Features

This matt black fountain pen is similar to the standard black ProGear II except that it has more a sheen rather than a gloss. It has the renowned Sailor 21k gold nib with a selective rhodium plating to give it that lustrous 2 tone treatment. It also features a fantastic silver trim and a screw cap.
    • Nib Material: 21k Gold
    • Pen Material: Resin
    • Filling Mechanism: Converter & Cartridge
    • Colour: Black
    • Pen Type: Fountain Pens
    • Series: Sailor ProGear II
    • Model Number: 11-3558

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